20 de març 2013

Our spring videos (5th grade)

These are some of our best spring videos!
Click on the link to watch them and vote your favourite.

Link to video number 1: http://animoto.com/play/4Xx5GNL4J0jQt1JkKKFmyQ 
Link to video number 2http://animoto.com/play/sOHl6qA0sZViMn0GEFP3Ug
Link to video number 3http://animoto.com/play/R4oh0eIWFQUSldz3GsSepg
Link to video number 4http://animoto.com/play/iZLiGmnuEEUVW54W5szl9Q

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2 comentaris:

  1. Son molt bons tots!
    Laura Campuzano (5eB)

  2. And the winner is...
    VIDEO NUMBER 2 !!!
    Congratulations Carlota.